Hi again guys,

I've been trying to find the tele Chris uses in the latest Foo Fighters film clip 'Rope', but to no success. Any tips on where to find it? I just love the scratchplate and everything!

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Looks like a Classic Series '72 Telecaster Deluxe but it has a custom paint/pickguard on it. OR It could be a 30th anniversary G&L tele, but from what I saw it still had single coils...
Right..so grabbing that pickguard is not looking likely. Thanks anyway!
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Bitches love Wonderwall.
It is a guitar he assembled using Warmoth parts, I say it in an interview in Guitar World or something. You can see the pickguard on Warmoth.com. As far as what the pups are, I don't know though.
Sorry tk double post, but I also know that Chris loves SD Alnico Pro 2 pickups in his teles
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