Got a question Pit. So my buddies like to smoke that incense they sell at novelty shops that sell pipes and things. I don't trust that stuff so I usually just go along to gaze at the beatiful pipes. So today I tagged along like I usually do and instead of going to our usual shop we decided to go to a high end one. They were browsing the incense stand and I came across something called strawberry skunk. Apparently it's an herbal blend of all these natural plants and things with some strawberry flavor mixed in just for some flavor. I decide to buy it because it said it was sifted and cut for smoking and i want to spend the time with my buddies smoking with them without risking having those harmful chemicals that are in the spice. So basically my question is has anyone else smoked this stuff without getting high and just smoking for the taste? I couldnt find the drug thread to post so thats my bad. Have a nice day!
Dude, if you can't find the drug thread, you just need to leave and not come back.

All it takes is typing "drug thread" into the searchbar.

DoomdEdit: oh yeah, the rest of the OP.

Don't smoke that shit. In fact, don't smoke anything that won't get you high. Too much damage to your lungs for no gain .
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