Just a question.

My band was asked to be in Relix Magazine under the Artist on the Rise section for the upcoming month. I'm just wondering what this means for the band.

Do any of you guys read Relix?
Have you even heard of it? (I haven't til we were asked to be in it)
How big do you think it is to get a 150 word spot in a magazine?

Just a bit confused that's all.
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I read Relix and have been turned on to a number of bands that have been highlighted in those up-and-coming sections. It started out as a fan-mag for Grateful Dead fans and is now a relevant source for fans of Jam, Blues, Funk, Alternative, Folk, Rock, Country Rock, Jazz, etc...

What's the name of your band? When do you suppose I might see a write-up?
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certainly can't hurt. Even if it turns one person onto your music, that's still 1 more fan. Priceless.