Your tone is great, and the solo sounds pretty sweet.

You're just not getting the rhythm of it right (which is the most interesting and difficult part of the solo). You're basically playing straight 8th (or 16ths), listen more closely and you will hear the held notes, the syncopation. It's a bit trickier.

Try playing it slower too, you rushed the whole thing. There is as much value in learning something slower than normal than there is learning something faster than normal.
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I agree, your tone is great and this is an awesome bassline, you just have to watch which notes youre putting the emphasis on. Metaphorically speaking, it's the difference between making an audience engaging, strong speech, and reading monotone off of a piece of paper. Sounds like you have all the notes in there, so go back and listen to the track to get the feel for it and give it the power that makes it sound awesome

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