I play mostly metal/rock, and I'll be playing out of a Peavy Vypyr 30W. I'm looking for an upgrade after two years of playing.

Does this look like a decent guitar for its price? What I love most about this guitar is the body shape. And I like the double humbuckers because my current guitar only has noisy, crappy single coils (my only guitar is a starter pack guitar).

All the reviews I've seen on many websites say its great, but does anybody here have any input before I make a decision to put some money down on it?

Also, if there are any nice guitars with similar body shapes around $200-300 then please don't hesitate to suggest some.
I have an Epiphone LP-100 that I love. Not very metal looking (cherry sunburst) but that's just an attitude. I think they go in that price range. Besides, heavy metal is in your right hand (or pick hand) not your guitar or amp.