First off this is my first post here so Hello to All. I am 30 and only picked up a guitar a few months ago. Im having a fantastic time with it so far, never thought I would get as far as I have already. That being said......

I have been learning via songs, mostly chords and tabs via Ultimate Guitar and mostly Neutral Milk Songs (my inspiration to learn in the first place). I am getting married and my wedding song is Jeff Mangum's cover of "I love how you love me". I would love to be able to play it for her but I cant figure out this one part. The song itself is simple but the chords on UG have one part wrong. This guy has a great version of the song and I have been using this to learn

Youtube I love how you Love Me

Its at 1:13 to 1:22 and from the musician himself he says that it is...

It's G, then a walk up on the A string... notes A, B, C like this.
G A B C (strum) C B A G (strum) G Gb Em D

I got the GABC CBAG but the G Gb Em D does not sound right when I play it nor does it actually look like that is what he is doing. Its to fast for me exactly tell though so I figured someone may be able to help me out by either confirming that it is G Gb Em D or telling me what you think it is. Any help would be appreciated as I dont know anyone who plays to ask them and Im sure 99% of you could answer this in like 2 minutes. Thanks in advance

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Well i doesn't see your Gb chord?...

If im at the good time in the video i would rather say it is a Cadd9... Very close to the G chord... You just move two of your finger up a string... Like this...

G -------- Cadd9


So your part would rather be... G - Cadd9 - Em - D

Again it's only if im at the good part of the video... !

Hope that help!

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Thanks for the suggestions! Now Im annoyed im at work and cant go try this out right now. Its gonna be a long day............