Stepping through the gates I see faces
Of all these people who have thoughts
wondering how I've made my way here
when will they finally see my blood?
How did all these people get here?
What have they all done to themselves?
How can my own sins be forgiven?
If I conform to the shelves
Being the same as all the others
fleeing from this place
that bothers them the most
Somehow I can still see your face
I see yours among the faces
as I walk on through the gates
this is the very last time
before the skin comes off my face
I wasn't happy
I wasn't happy with you there
Torturing my emotions
with your cold and vulture stare

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I wonder how he came to this conclusion.
Inside the back
Walk with me
Reign, Rain

Call me Drew
The 3rd and last stanza are the best I reckon. I've been reading a lot of lyrics people have posted just now, this one caught my attention so I felt inclined to say! I'd love to hear it in a song, though I guess you could say that about many of the lyrics posted on here.

Good job man !