Ok. If the bpm of the song is 114 and it has 4 over 4. So how do I set my metronome up.
Set the metronome to 114 bpm. 16th notes get 1/4th of a beat, eighth notes get 1/2 a beat, Quarter notes get one beat, half notes get two beats, whole notes get 4 beats. There are 4 beats in a measure.
So o just set it to 114 and 4/4. So I would count 1,2,3,4 not 1 an 2 an 3 an 4. Also if I put it at 4/4 it would complete a full cycle correct.
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you count the numbers on the click so 1-2-3-4 would be *click*-*click*-*click*-*click* or you can do 1&-2&-3&-4& which would be *click* and-*click* and-*click* and-*click* and
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It does depend a little on what you are practicing. Most contemporary music has at least an 1/8th note feel to it. That is, when you listen to a song and tap your foot to the beat and your hand to the rhythm you would find your hand tapping twice for every foot tap. If this is the case you would set the bpm to 114, and the beat subdivision to 2 (for 1/8th notes). If your hand is tapping 4 times for every foot tap then you have a 16th note feel (the beat is being divided into 4) and you would set the beat subdivision to 4.

Hope this helps!
Ok. I think I know what your saying, in my guitar theory dvd I am just now learning subdivision. So its still new to mr.