I have an issue that is really bothering me. I just bought an Ibanez rgt42dxfm "neck thru". The guitar is awsome but one thing. The high e string slips off the fretboard when im playing legato runs and sweeping. I've been playing guitar for 20 years and play in a local deathmetal band here in Shreveport. I've checked the nut and it seems fine. "Mite be a little to big". It's supposed to be a 43mm. I have another model of this guitar. Its a Rgt42mdx "also neck thru". It's nut is even and it tends to do the same thing to. I've got my local tech looking at the dxfm. But it seems strange that both these guitars would have that problem. They also either have a couple high frets or just need a neck adjustment. The high e string has to be raised high to stop the dead sound. Anyone else ever have this problem?
not a definitive diagnosis or anything, but it might just be the neck on that kind of guitar. I know that sometimes when ive gotten a new guitar and try some aggressive vibrato sometimes the e string will slip off the neck. it seems to me its just a difference in necks from my experience.

maybe try out some more of those models at a music shop and try and trouble shoot the possible nut troubles that way - see if its the model or just your guitar.
Im starting to guess it's the model. Hoping it just needs a proper setup. I have a B.C.Rich ASM pro and it doesent do that. But im really into ibanez. No matter what im always going back.
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Different guitars react differently to string gauges. If you have 9's, try 10's.

Yea we play in B standard. I use dunlop heavy core 11-50 Ive tried the next set up but their too heavy.