I been looking into strats lately, and then into g&l's. The S-500 is cheaper than most good strats. Even the Legacy is priced nicely. But how do these compare to a fender strat of the same value?
the indonesian made G & Ls are pretty good guitars for the money but not up to american made ones at all. whether they are better than a MIM strat is honestly a matter of opinion and you'd have to play both the make the call. although i like the trems better on the G & Ls overall i personally prefer the MIMs overall.
Are we talking Tribute (Indonesian) or USA? I have a Tribute Legacy and it kicks any MIM Fender's ass (imo).
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Another factor that has grown this myth is a bunch of opinionated guys who really don't know what they're talking about, which to be brutally honest is a bunch of you guys on here.
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I didn't see tribute any where in the description of the s500 or the legacy models i was looking at. But if tributes stack up well against MIM strats, then i am sure non tribute models will surely rip them to shreds
Screw Strats. For $649 I'm now experiencing a real case of G.A.S. Must... Not... Sell... Guitars.... for... More... Guitars...

Today i went and played a G&L Legacy SSS Tribute... then bought the 88 MIJ stratocaster sitting next to it
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