Floyd Rose Original 7-string, Gibson ES355 Varitone SwitchPlate,1966 Fender NeckPlate


1. Gibson ES-355 Varitone Switch Plate (NEW). US$36
Photo: http://www.mayzan.com/sale/es355-switchplate.jpg

2. Original "Floyd Rose Tremolo" System for 7-String Guitar (black)

Not a lot needs to be said about an ORIGINAL Floyd Rose, The best tremolo system ever made! it's reputation speaks for itself! Condition: like new, very clean. See photos. This item is the real deal not some licensed knock off.

It comes with the tremolo arm, 2 mounting machine studs/pivots, tremolo claw, 2 wrenches & 3 springs. No locking nut, string tree, bridge mounting stud inserts, spring's screws, or other parts is included. What you see in the photo is what you get.

US$179 shipped to USA. Other country ask for shipping fee.


3. 1966 Fender Neck Plate. Serial number 13xxxx. For: stratocaster/telecaster/jazzbass/precision/jaguar US$140
Photo: http://www.mayzan.com/sale/neckplate66.jpg

Gibson ES-355 Switch Plate will be ship from Cypress, CA - USA.
1966 Fender Neck Plate will be ship from Asia.

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