I just found out about this kid Andreas Varady since he was on the cover of Guitar Player magazine this past month. He's incredibly talented, recently released a collaborative album with some great players.
Here's him with Martin Taylor:
and playing Giant Steps with his dad (I think) accompanying him:
Apparently he's an ethnic Gypsy, which makes him even more awesome.

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I saw that, in Guitar Player. He's absolutely incredible, and like you said, a true Romanian Gypsy, which makes him all the more awesome.

Its crazy how at 13, he's doing stuff with a guitar that many people in their 30s and 40s, and have been playing for 20/25 years struggle with. I wonder how long he's been playing...
Don't shrink my head gypsy.. JK that kid is insane. I wish I could play that well now after five years of playing.
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Wow. He's a really gifted guitar player.
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