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Obviously i'm a metal head, lol.

i liked An Avalanche, although i think the rythym guitars could be brought up, they are kind of lacking power. They should grab a little harder, maybe add a bit of bite. If you are on the neck pickups, try middle or bridge maybe? The vocals are really good, props there for sure.

Leads sound good, maybe a tad wah heavy, but that's not always a bad thing. From around 1:49-1:55 the lead seems to be in the wrong key perhaps? it doesn't jive with the rythym's like i want it too. from there on tho, it's really good. nice playing! i like the whammy/vibrato effect at the end of the lead.

Also, the outro is pretty good, likin' that drum only sound.

all in all, i like it! just maybe cut back on the wah and change up the lead sound around 1:48-1:55.

great job!

and lemme say again great vocals!
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The riffs on Avalanche were a little boring, but they at least went somewhere (which several songs I've just finished listening to didn't do). The vocals make me thing Led Zeppelin minus the freaky falsettos.

The solo in Avalanche was unexpected for this track. It was interesting, but it went on overlong, I think. By the time it had ended good and proper, I was a little bored. The riffs were good (not as chunky sounding as they could have been, but that's not a big deal) and the bass was high enough to be heard (and felt if you have a subwoofer).

Bad Force immediately made me think Rock and Roll All Night (it's the drums). The arrangement is good and the bass punches through the mix nicely. It had a sort of malevolent Rock Lobster vibe. It was interesting. I liked it. The vocals were a little flat sounding around 1:18. I think you may have used a little too much reverb on them. That said, they were both refreshing listens after all of that wannabe djent that I see on here.

Cheers for the crit on mine.

I checked out "Avalanche", I like it, it sounds a little Zeppellin-ish like some other guy said, and the guitar solo was actually quite predictable at first, I guessed the first few seconds of it and got it right haha..

Asides from that, I enjoyed it, some of the backing vocals sound a little off at times, nice work mate.
Hey man really digging the "An Avalanche" track. from all the ones i listened to i think this one has the best vocals. really a grooving track that you want to listen to all the way through. however like the others said the solo could have used a bit more thought but no real complaints here... keep it up brother
Hey man, thanks for your comment on my song

Critting as I listen to Avalanche

Intro starts of nice, Vocals are nice too. The guitars sound a bit strange, as if they were panned to much, but maybe that's what you're aiming for, I'm not sure.

Song has a nice flow, drums fit in good, nice mix. Can't spot any mistakes in there.

The Solo sounds a bit messy at some points, and it's too long for my taste. But then again, I'm not a fan of solos in general.

The Outro is nice too, I like how everything comes to a rest again.

So, in conclusion you have a solid song here.

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From the stuff of you i heard until now, Avalanche is your most original and inspired song.
In the instrumental part from 0:48 to 0:57 I think a normal 4/4 rock beat without the tom rolls would fit better (mainly to bring some dynamics into the song). Then you could establish the toms again with the singing kicking in. I enjoyed the vocal part from 0:57 onwards, best part of the song. The solo drags on for too long though.

Bad Force: mm, just a normal standard blues with some variations here and there.
hey man, i always like listening to your stuff.

An Avalanche sounds awesome - great sound, nice feel, there are parts where the vocals are very very good, and parts where they need to be more accurate, and i couldn't understand many words.
the guitar playing is very good, the solo is very well done.
maybe take the guitar up in the mix a bit? the bass is kind of drowning it.
very well done!

bad force is definitely awesome! great intro, when the vocals come in its not at all what i expected, but it was very very good! i love the vocals on this one better than on An avalanche - i didn't understand many words on this one either, tho. i also think the mix here is very good, wouldn't change it. the guitar work on this one is amazing! after the vocals end, and to the outro - awesome guitars, and cool bassline!
this is a very well done song.

you do awesome stuff, and you don't repeat yourself - you do a bit of every genre, eh?

i would love a crit back from you
An Avalanche: Pretty good. Great intro. Bass a little too loud, vocals feel too far away for me. Rhythm guitar could use a little more bite. Solo was pretty sick, though maybe a little wah-abused, some chorus perhaps for the second half? Also, you left the metronome in at the end of the song, and if that was on purpose, I'm sorry

Bad Force: If thats a synth bass, it sounds like your using the exact same one as me! Vocals are a little too distracting with all the reverb, making them seem out of place. Guitar could use a boost on the rhythm. Overall, very minor issues. This song reminds me a bit of the Talking Heads, especially from the vocals. Nice Job!
An Avalanche was great. You seriously need to put that on iTunes or something. I like the mysterious feel it has. The solo was really good in it. One thing, during the solo where you have the tremolo picking, I think a few arpeggios would be pretty awesome there, but that's just me. Bad Force wasn't really my forte, but I can see what you were trying to do with it, and I think it was well written.
"An Avalanche":
The guitars don't sound too powerful to me, but I love the rhythm you've got going on.
Very eerie vocal feel to it. This is really awesome. Out of all the songs i've listened to from you, this one is definitely one of my favorites. Solo was badass, but sloppy in the beginning. It has that 'raw' feel to it which I like, so not necessarily a bad thing. The song also ends nicely.

"Bad Force":
Very 70-80's feel. Not too big on the vocals. It's not the best you've created in my opinion, but it is good. I can tell that it is very well-written. The guitar phaser part was pretty cool how they alternate and float over both sides. Liked that part a lot.

Really cool material.

Crit for crit?
Returning the crit from the thread in my sig.

Woo! Love An Avalanche. I would buy a ticket to see this live. That voice, and the attitude, it all works.

Don't like Bad Force at all I'm afraid, sorry. Personally, I am really not into that style. There's very little attitude.
An Avalanche...Good song overall...some really interesting/unique guitar and vocal work. I really like what you did with the vocals though I did think they lacked some clarity. It was hard to hear the words, though I know my band struggles with the same issue when layering vocal harmonies. I liked the guitar solo, especially the tone but felt like it went on a little did a great job bringing it down to just the drums but maybe a bit sooner?? I was wanting to hear more vocals there at the end too. What you had at the beginning was really grabbing. A good intro as well, though the drums were a bit quiet...but I think that's what you were going for. You got into it quick and kept my interest.
As said above maybe refine the soloing on avalanche but i really did love the vocals to it!! Definately catchy and pleasant to listen to.
Bad force caught me off guard haha, but it was interesting and gave that surfer kind of feel and the solo was neat. The singing was a little bland, it wasnt bad but i think it would wear on the nerves after hearing the song 10+ times. May want to consider that

Crit 4 crit? Threshold.

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+Infinity. This dude knows good metal.
I've listened to a few of your songs (btw you've made them a lot ), so I could get better view on your music . Well, I'm not into 70-80's kind of music, but I'll try to critique.

I like An Avalanche, everything fits together, solo is great, vocal is good, though sound of guitars could be heavier, but on the other hand it's 70-80's sound, so it's OK. Overall, good song.

Bad Force, to be honest I don't like it as much as I like An Avalanche or e.g. Holding Me Back, especially because of vocal, but it's well written.

You're good musician and you've got a lot of ideas, I'm sure of that one, even I'm not into such music.

Keep up the good work
You are music machine dude!
You keep making these kickass tune, and you have an instantly recognisable sound.
Not a fan of your drum sound though.
Great songs though!, when are you releasing an album? :P
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Thank you for listening & replying! I appreciate all of the comments!!

On "An Avalanche" I recorded a metronome to see if everything was staying in sync because I'm new to drum computer software. I left in some metronome because I thought it sounded better than having no metronome, which was surprising to me. Thank you for the review!

dillon1022, Evil_Magician,
Thank you for the comments!! I just let people download my tunes for free on soundclick, it's really hard to sell music these days. I appreciate the reply!
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I dig "An Avalanche" a lot. I get hints of Geddy Lee in the vocals.

I really dig this though. It's like, a sludger version of the seventies.

"Bad Force" is totally like, super-spy up in here. I'm digging it. There's almost like, a certain early grunge (like Nirvana's Bleach) vibe to it. That and a Black Sabbath-ish (loosely) feel. It's enjoyable overall, man.

Thanks for the crit.
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Hey man cheers for the comment

Avalanche - definately agree with what has said above with the Led Zep feel, really hear that. Dig the vocals, I do think that the rhythm guitar tone seems a little out of place, needs a little more gain I'd say but loved the solo tone

Bad Force - Nice drum intro, very big 80s vibe going on here. got caught a little off guard by the vocals though, big throwback to the 70s.

Prefer avalanche out of the two, but as always dunno how you churn these out so consistently man, keep it up [:
hey thanks for the crit! so i listened to Avalanche and i must say, its very old school. though im not a fan of the particular genre of music you played i actually enjoyed the piece.

the vocals seemed 'odd' to me but thats just because im not used to the style, however i got over it quickly. i thought the solo was pretty tasteful though it did come in suddenly.

overall it was a good piece. the bass was heard though the rhythm guitars seemed a bit low. pretty good on the drums.

again thanks for the crit
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I really like an avalanche, great rhythm-guitars and the vocals have a very special character in a good way. the solo is unnecessary in this song though. It's really niched though so I think you have to be special type of person to like it.

Bad force have a great intro, here I really like the lead and the bass! I like the simplicity in the arrangement, seems to bring the individual instruments more up-front. The vocals have the same character here too.

Great! rock on dude!
An Avalanche is an awesome track. The only thing I didn't like much about the track was the solo because of the excessive wah (It's wah, right? ) use. But other than that, excellent track.

Bad Force is a good track, too. I liked the vocals on your other track, but I think that's just me. The stand-out factors on this song are the riffs, and the powerful bass.
Hey aaron aardvark! Sorry for taking so long to comment back! But I listened to the top two tracks on your website and I must say that they are very unique!

For 'An Avalanche', I think the vocals were a defining part of the song, but I would give the guitars a little more bite to them.

I enjoyed listening to the intro to 'Bad Force' because the snare sounded Def Leppard-esque and the piano was a nice twist to it. I was definitely not expecting it!

Your sound is original especially compared to what we hear play on the mainstream radio, so keep that sound of yours because it'll make you different from Justin Bieber and his cohorts.
Hey man,

Ur style isn't usually my cup of tea, but ill give this a shot.

In terms of production overall its pretty good, but the guitars could be just a little tighter, theres alot of loose gain flying around making the mix a little muddy.

I like the longer solo in avalanche, the riffs do tend to drag on just a little, but thats an easy fix. Try rhythmic variation and such.

Intro on Bad Force was really cool, idk why but for some reason this reminds me of old Primus? Just in the way the vocals fit in the mix and such. I also do like the chorus on it, more cool guitar stuff would really make this song for me though!

Overall good job man! Definitely keep going on it, i will say the mix on bad force was a tad better imo. keep writing bro.
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I like your musical style!

To me, your singing style is like a mixture of Marilyn Manson and 70s rock. Very unique!

Keep up the good work!
Thanks for the crit man

Listened to both songs, it's not the kind of music I'd normally listen to but I really like Bad Force... you remind me of the singer from the B52s on that, really digging the outro guitar too, good job dude.

An Avalanche was also good but it's hard for me to judge it well with not much knowledge of the genre, liked your voice again, it's pretty versatile huh?
First song, my biggest complaint is way too many effects, whatever you got going on the rhythm guitars is just over compressing the hell out of them, so they sound lifeless and have absolutely no punch. I would break it down to just the raw tone, no effects, and work up from that with maybe a little bit of reverb to thicken it up, since your not using much gain. Lead was dragged on a bit, you need rhythm guitars behind the lead so there's more going on.
Not a bad song, just in my opinion needs more clarity as opposed to effects.

I know you like all the effects, but there's a point when it's too much, especially on the vocals, effects on the vocals can mean the difference between mudd and clarity.

Second song, drum intro reminded me of Quiet Riot's "Metal Health" cept slower. The mixing of decades is cool, but it didn't work out this time, the vocals is where it just went down hill, too......echoie?

I think what would be a good thing for you to do is to write a simple, clear, song, no effects, just raw everything. Everything I mix rarely has any effects, I'll usually add a little bit of delay or reverb to my leads, as well as some compression, but everything else is just raw signal. It's just clearer and the punch is there, and that punch is what grabs the listeners attention, if it's dull, and bland, then the listener is going to get bored with the tone.

I think you need to work on getting punch and clarity into your recordings, instead of focusing on writing complex songs. I know you can do it, if I can do it with my amp and $3 worth of recording gear, I know you can do a hell of a lot better than I can.

It's late, so if I'm coming off as an ass, don't take it personally, just being critical.

Thanks for the crit btw
Hey man,

Bad Force: First tune I listened to. First thing I think is, "damn, he did a really good job producing this." Sounds very pro, cool feel to the song too. Everything fits together nicely to paint the bigger picture. I couldn't make out the lyrics very well and the vocal stylings aren't to my particular taste, but that's not me saying they were poorly performed. My only suggestion is that you change that melody line that seems to be played on a synth (at least to my ear? sounds like a grinding p. 5th riff on synth, lower register). Personally I would change that instrument, maybe to a dual bass guitar or guitar with an octaver, I don't know, maybe just turn the volume or attack on it down a tad.

An Avalanche: Dude, the vocals sound like Wishbone Ash. That's great 'cause I love Wishbone Ash. Anyways, I like this tune a lot more man, it's definitely more suited towards what I actually listen to in my free time. The synth during the intro sounds a little bit nasally... I feel like another guitar playing the same melody would sound awesome, but I like guitars a lot. The grinding riff after first verse is great, reminds me of old school Ozzy-era Black Sabbath, especially the tone. Song structure is good. Note selection in the solo is good, but I feel like the articulation technique you use should express a little more energy than the slides you're using... this rhythm behind it suggests "epic". For a really good example of what I'm talking about, go listen to Guthrie Govan - Erotic Cakes; 2:44. Overall a very well done song, very professional sounding, and particularly suited towards my taste in music so kudos to you.
-An Avalanche-

As I listen: Intro.. **** YES. HOLY **** YES. good groove, great vocals. Drums are sampled possibly? but still good. Your vocals remind me of Led Zep meets Ozzy meets Derek Malakian sort of ha. But I'm diggin it. Only thing I was iffy on was the solo, but I mean it was still good, just don't know if I was 'feeling it' per se. seriously ****ing cool though
Hey man, sorry about the late reply.

I really liked the intro to Avalanche and songwriting as a whole. At first, I didn't really like the vocals but they grew on me and were pretty well done, I think the guitar could be a bit more creative though.
Rhythm just seemed a bit lacking as well as the solo.
But overall, I liked the song.

On Bad Force - Liked the baseline and intro, wasn't too fond of the reverb on the snare, makes me think hair metal. Didn't like the vocals too much in this one, but it had it's enjoyable parts. It's definitely a different sound, though, and I mean that in a good way.
avalanche is pretty good! vocals are good, the guitars could be louder, the solo is a little boring, but the tone sounds cool!

Overall, good song!
Hey buddy how are you?

Here I'm going to review the song itself - not the sound quality - cause that's just what I do

First of all, it kinda reminded me of Primus, but more structured. Both of the tracks. I like how it's somehow traditional rock, but unpredictable things are happening through the songs.

"An Avalanche" seems vibe-waving, it's somehow eerie but happy at the same time. I like that contrast going on. I like the vocals, at first listen I found it weird, but now I find them pretty cool The solo is unusual, it's entertaining, fun to listen.

"Bad Force" is my favorite of the two. It reminds me of Oingo Boingo, and I'm a die hard fan of Oingo Boingo It would be cool if we could download the songs btw This one is really catchy, and congrats for that! Really like the guitar work going, simple but strong!!

Hey man thanks for the crit
Ok so for avalanche, I like it alot. I think it woulda been cooler with a little longer intro, but I really do love the vocals, they make it sound amazing. great singing, great riffs too.

Bad force is really cool. I like how it builds throughout. Parts of it remind me of the batman theme lol idk why. But overall its cool
Both songs are really cool. Great job man
Very cool songs you have there! I like the songs, something about the "vibe" that I like. The vocals were a bit too loud for an avalance imo, and it was a bit to hear the other instruments.

I also liked Bad Force, it has an 80's feel to it, I like. I couuldn't find anything wrong for Bad force.

Overall boths ongs were pretty cool, I liked them. Good job!
It's got a real cool vibe to it, a lot of slick riffs and clean transitions.

Reminds me of a local band "Closetalker" over in Jersey where I live, kind of have an old classic rock style to it.

Overall i like the songs, pretty good content within the song.
c4c pleaseee and thanks!
"An Avalanche"

-The intro is cool, but one thing that bothers me is I think I can still hear it when all the other instruments come in but its really low, and annoys me I know its there but can't hear it well until the fade in at 0:40. If I were you I would have smoothed out the fade in at 0:38-0:40. 1:17 after the chorus is the next part that catches my attention. I must say going back to this part (1:17 - 1:26) is easily my favorite part of the song. While the rest of the solo is cool this part just seems to fit perfect. I am not huge on guitar centered music anymore but towards the end of the solo there are some awesome sounds. The tom filled part after the solo was great as well, and brought everything to a nice close. The song was rather good, but the end left me wanting more, which I guess could be a good thing. It just seemed to end to fast, but either way it was a great song overall, the only thing I could say to maybe change is it seems a little muddy around the vocals, but that could be just the encoding soundclick has.
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Thanks for the reviews, I appreciate it!

Thank you for replying! Yes, that is wah on the lead guitar for "An Avalanche".

Yes, both songs have sampled drums. "An Avalanche" uses toontrack Superior Drummer 2, and "Bad Force" uses a Roland Sound Canvas SC-55 synth module for drums. Thank you for the reviews!!
I did your Avalanche track, I think the guitars need to have a little more power to them in the mix. I think your singing needs to be more predominate, like you need to put out more when you sing. The solo wasn't really that great, Who ever did it needs to learn to stay in key. But if they were influenced my kirk I can understand but to me it doesn't sound very good at all
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