So, I play guitar in a melodic hardcore band and I can't decide whether to get an Avatar 2x12 or 4x12. I'll be running either a 5150 or an Orange Dual Terror through it. And I'll be playing with my Fender American Special Telecaster with a Hot Rail in the bridge. Anybody know the tonal differences between the two cabs? I'm also pretty sure I'm gonna load the cab with Vintage 30s.
You don't ever really need a 4x12. They're mostly for aesthetic appeal, or if you're playing to large audiences unmic'd. If neither of those apply to you, save some money and get a 2x12.
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i would say 2x12" unless un mic'd.

but i will say that little extra air that is moved by 4x12"s will give you a little extra pound in the chest.

but the big this is do you want to be hauling a 100lb cab around. i usually don't care to, but do about 50/50. but i use my 4x12"s for rehearsal, and like the tone better.
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Yeah, I don't really care too much about looking like a badass with huge equipment..i just want good tone. And these Avatar Contemporary cabs have been getting some pretty solid reviews.
4x12's aren't just for looks at all. IMO, the more speakers you have (if you know how to control them) the more dimension your sound gets. Listen to something recorded with a 1x12 then again by a 4x12 and you will know what I mean.

If it means anything, i'm gonna be ordering a 4x12 Contemporary next week actually, with hellatone 60's.
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If I end up getting the 4x12 I'll probably go with an X patern of V30s and H30s. Just unsure if that would be too much low end, seeing hows I tune low (drop B).
If you dont mind carrying around the 4x12 then get it. After owning a 4x12 then moving to a smaller cab you definately miss the fullness of a bigger cab.
If your worried about too much low end, try all Hellatone 30's or normal G12H's. With the contemporary cab it will sound very focused,tight, and balanced.
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