I'm looking to start an oringinal online or not online band. I'm thinking of making the band very oriningal sound, with elements of different genres mixed in.
I play guitar and some keyboards/electronics. I have programs to record and mix music, but ill need help.
Please let me know if your interested.

For people who want to start an offline band, please be in the CT area.
I'm interested. Go listen to my songs on my profile and see if I'm what you're looking for. I could easily turn my guitar to bass and I've recently started voice lessons (probably only good enough for backup vocals at this point, but still). I also play a little bit of keys but I'm sure you'd be better suited to it since I really do mean a little bit.

I'd have to be an online member, as I live in Wisconsin.
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I play bass and I'm looking to start something online and sounds like it be fun and interesting. Right now I'm into bands like Wings, Elton John, Muse.
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