Hey guys

I'm starting a project of about 5 guitars (all based on elements)and i could use some suggestions

The first one im doing is a fire guitar "Ignacious". It will be based on a Gibson Les Paul with EMG Zakk Wylde pickups and gold Gotoh hardware.

The second one will be a water guitar "Aqueos". Hopefully based on a Gretsch Chet Atkins Hollow Body, not sure with pickups and stuff. hopefully wanna turn it into a jazz type guitar.

Third one will be an earth themed bass. maybe a Gretsch Tunderbird?

Number 4 will be a wind themed guitar. Is it possible to get clear bodies? not sure of style

the last one will be a thunder/lightning themed guitar. hopefully black body and gold hardware. hopefully good for playing metal. maybe an explorer shape? kinda new to metal so really guessing what im doing there.

interesting concept... what was the question exactly?

i think you can order the plastic(cant remember exact material, im tired) bodies from esp but it wont be cheap

you mean something like this right?
Acrylic would be the name of the substance. It's a bitch to work with though, so you should probably just buy a pre-made body and go from there. Starting from scratch with that stuff is a horrible idea if you don't have the right equipment, and the right equipment is expensive as hell.
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That transparent body is awesome.

Also, nice idea. For thunder/lighning you could use an Explorer-type body. For your earth style bass, I guess you could use a longhorn-type body.
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reisgar thats exactly what im looking for

soldier poet i tried googling the body you mentioned but there was this roundish one and a fender style body?
Acrylic isn't that difficult. Check out this link. Of course, Scatter Lee is a godly builder, but he uses common power tools.
You can't take them with you when you die :P

Also, how much is it costing you to build 5 guitars?
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basing off the first one roughly 700-800 bucks a guitar, might wait a few years in between them to get my money together as im still in high school. if anything ill just get the fire and water one done
For the lightning one you should do lightning bolt inlays! That would be cool.

The fire one you should put a flamed maple top on it.
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Wow, what a project!
Now, I've been building an explorer-style guitar for the past four months, and, from my experience, it's probably going to cost you more than $800 per guitar. Of course, the cost will depend on what wood you use, what hardware you buy, whether you buy the neck or make it yourself, what pickups you get etc, etc, but mine has cost over $1000 so far, and I still have to put the finish on it.

In terms of suggestions for the guitars, can I recommend black or chrome hardware for your thunder/lightning/metal guitar. In my opinion, I don't think gold hardware is very metal. Also, use EMG pickups for the metal guitar; some pretty decent metal guitarists use them (Kerry King, Kirk Hammett, James Hetfield, Zakk Wylde). Just some suggestions though; it's your project, make the guitars how you want. Good luck!
dj effery its really the colour theme on the ighting one. the black the tunder gold is lightning. correct me if im wrong but doesnt zak wylde use gold hardware
alright new idea thunder/Lightning is double necked. Thunder is a 5 string bass, Lightning is an electric
The chemistry geek in me was really disappointed when I figured out you weren't actually basing these off of chemical elements... periodic table ftw.
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