if i had to pick one dude whose musical sense and feel pulls me to the music more than anyone it'd be cannonball adderley. the guy (and his brother nat) had some of the hardest swinging hard bop musicians ever playing with them at one time or another (sam jones, art blakey, louis hayes, miles davis, blue mitchell, bobby timmons, joe zawinul, even victor feldman!)

everything the dude did was hip as shit. it's funny because it seems like the jazz the late-bloomers like myself love is rooted in what music they liked before they came to jazz. which is probably the reason i love ball. i was deep into motown, stax, soul, blues and R&B.

so here's where we share the love for cannonball. you can from listening to him speak and, more so, from listening to him play that the dude had a cheery, pleasant demeanor. not like coltrane or davis' menacing tones. but don't mistake that for a lack of intensity. the guy was like a mixture between bird and santa claus.

selected listening:

"dat dere" (b. timmons)

"never will i marry" (f. loesser)


"mercy, mercy, mercy" (j. zawinul)

"jive samba"

"work song" (n. adderley) [actual video footage. amazing]
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AWESOME! It's nice to see people other than metalheads - even though I am one - on this site. I took history of jazz my junior year of college. The teacher just so happened to be a huge Cannonball fan so we listened to recordings of him a lot! Definitely a BAMF.
Cannonball is probably my favourite alto player, he even tops Bird and Stitt for me.
Much love for cannonball the man deserves twice the appreciation he gets(atleast in this country's jazz scene)
Listens to Jazz

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