A gretsch maybe
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I'd also hazard a guess that it's a Gretsch, but it's hard to make out the brand name at the top of the headstock. I think that's where Gretch usually put their name on their guitars, but I'm no expert on it.
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Try Hofner Verithin.

Ah, life before the Dead Weather...

Toe Rag studios, obscure vintage guitars, etc.

Tie between ZVEX Fuzz Factory and Big Muff. But I settle for MFX and a decent amp.
thats a Hofner Verythin. Not sure about anything other than that, year etc.
Telecasters are like very artistic bricks-Johnny Marr
This has been done before and the final answer didn't involve Gretsch or Gibson...

Shaggydogvj--what's wrong with your Parker other than not enough strings for you?