'Bout to listen to III, then I'll get to other stuff. The seem viciously awesome.
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It's like Fenriz and J. Read

"I'm so happy to love metal and stuff"

"I AM metal"
Which album should I listen to first chaps?
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III or Ashes Of Angels.III is a bit murkier sounding and has a bit more expansive songwriting.
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yeahhh hear it for the french money makers out there. good stuff
Cette nuit j'ai rêvé que je mâchais ses yeux
Après avoir crevé par accès de furie
Ta replète panse d'helminthes blancs nourrie,
Trop prompte à déféquer le fruit d'un vit sanieux.
AOTY contender bump

When listening to IV is anyone else getting a similar feeling from the drums that teenager you got from listening to Sepultura records for the first time? I'm totally getting that at points during this album.
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I don't hate my parents that much but I can hear the Sepultura sound in the drum mix, you're right.

Love this band.
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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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I dont get that feeling either really. But the drums and drum sound are really good on IV, I give it that.

Goddamn, IV is great. Definitely up there on the list so far this year.
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It's like Fenriz and J. Read

"I'm so happy to love metal and stuff"

"I AM metal"
I just remember finding Sepultura at age 14 or 15 or whenever it was and that being the first time I think actually listened to drums honestly, Igor being a much more interesting and attention grabbing drummer than say Lars or whoever else I was into before then

And I get a similar vibe at times on this album, it's like a weird version of nostalgia I guess
In my heart I'm with you

every night
Lost track of this band pretty much after the first album, but a friend of mine put on IV when I was over, and dayuummmmm... Blown away by how far they've come. Great album, without a doubt.

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