Anybody have a schematic for the TS808 Keeley Mod? Preferably one that points out which components they switched compared to the original. I want to mod mine, but don't want to shell out the money to have someone else do it. Also, I want more experience in modding.
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Half the resistor values in the drive section
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He pretty much tells you how to do it on his website:

"The bass response is improved to the point of perfection. It is nice and tight and not muddy at all. We upgrade that cap from a 0.047 to a 0.1uF and at the same time we increase the gain possible when the drive control is turned up. That resistor is dropped from a 4.7k to a 2.4k. We also make the pedal so it cleans up more. We take the 51k and lower it to 20k. This is our More/Less mod. You get both more drive and less drive as well as all the sweet stock spots in the middle of the control. We also upgrade the 1uF electrolytic caps to high tolerance, great sounding, more consistent 1uF metal film caps. This type of thing is done in all HI-FI stereo and audio gear.

We also use a gold socket for the chip so that you can experiment if you hear one chip is better than another, etc....

We upgrade the tone control circuit and take the .22uF Tantalum to a 0.18uF for better control and response from the tone control. This allows you to get a more full sound on the lower end of the tone control."

Grab a schematic online and it shouldn't be too hard at all to figure out what parts to change.