Hey everyone, I've got to give into this case of GAS and buy a custom 6-string. The way things are going now I'm probably going to go with Carvin, I've read both sides of the Carvin debate and I'm still pretty sure they'll get the final approval. For the most part, the extensive reading I've done on other forums can be summed up like this; the look and playability will be great (especially with my specs, I can't WAIT!!) but the electronics that will come with it will be mediocre. So I'll definitely be swapping out the pickups (probably to EMG's). On one of the other forums I mentioned earlier someone who really seemed to know what they were talking about was saying how people have been disappointed after doing this because certain woods work better with certain pickups. He mentioned that certain woods were better for a pickup that would provide a bright tone, for example.

I play mostly metal so the dirt's important, but love a great warm clean for jazzy stuff, and play classical etc. Basically think progressive metal.

As I mentioned, I'm focusing on Carvin and EMG's here, so please focus on that, but comments about other pickups and custom shops are appreciated.

Thanks in Advance!!

P.S. If anybody can teach me the basic principle of how and why different pickups work well (or not so well) with certain woods or provide a link to somewhere that does, that would be great.
The whole, wood + pickups relation only really matters for passives.
If you want to use EMG's in the guitar, then it shouldn't matter whatsoever.

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Alright cool guys, thanks for the help. I just had my buddy explain Nimbus456's comment, and the links from you two are cool as well. Thanks again.
From what I gather you're going to have a mahogany body, and prolly a sexy lookin maple cap on it. Since your primary function for this guitar is going to be progressive metal(dream theater comes to mind) you definitely want to go with high output pups. Personally I'm not a big fan of how the cleans with active EMGs sound(too digital/trebley for my tastes). If I were you I would at least check out some HIGH OUTPUT PASSIVE pups. Alnico V, or Ceramic magnets will probably give you enough bawlz to your tone without horribly compromizing the cleans when you want to move into something jazz flavored. I'm very big on Seymour Duncan pups, they seem to have the perfect something for everybody. My personal favorite is the Pearly Gates.

Since you're buying a pretty high end guitar I wouldn't worry too much about the woods affecting your tone. The assumed mahogany body will have a very full/warm tone, but the assumed maple cap will provide a little treble to balance it. My suggestion is play it with the stock pups in it for a while and decide if you want more treble or less treble then make your decision for the pup swap.
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