Hey guys... Im new to this forum... I was planning on buying a new guitar but I live in India where good ones are very expensive... I might be going to Hong Kong soon and have heard that Tom Lee Music sells some very good guitars... I was wondering how much a standard mexican stratocaster would cost in Hong Kong... also how much would an American stratocaster cost? Is it worth buying an american over a mexican?also I'd love to know of the other guitar shops in Hong Kong... Thanks in advance
I live in Australia, when my parents went, they said the guitars were pretty similar to the Australian prices.. Iirc, Tom Lee has a site, check it out. I wouldn't advise shopping in other shops besides Tom Lee and other major franchise stores though.. HK has quite a lot of counterfeit stuff imo.
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Thanks for the reply Quaned... yeah i checked out their website.... they dont have any price listed though... any idea what a strat would cost in australia in that case?