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Ok, so I recently bought a pair of Grado SR80i headphones and I've heard that buying a decent headphone amp can really make decent headphones shine

I use my desktop PC to run everything (music wise) and at the moment I'm just using the Creative Soundblaster X-fi Xtreme audio sound card I have (brand new around £40) with some Logitech Z4 speakers plugged into it and then I plug my headphones into the speakers headphone port when I want to use them.

So I was wondering what desktop headphone amp I could get?

Budget: around £100, £150 max

I've heard good things about the Fiio F9 and the F7 and the way these can be paired together but I was wondering what others you could recommend

Any help is much appreciated

vox amplug,i wont recommend it though
get a Peavey vypyr 15w it has a headphone out
I started off with a cmoy amp design which is pretty basic but even that sounds a lot better when running line out to the amp and then headphones to the amp rather than just sticking the headphones in the headphone socket of my sound card.

I'm using grado sr60i headphones which recently replaced some sen hd580s.

You can pick up cmoy amps from ebay or you can build your own like I did... both well within budget. It's pretty straightforward if you're happy with a soldering iron and putting circuits together from schematics. I built mine using this web page...


It worked so well (and was so cheap) that I decided to put a more complex one which was this...


This cost me about £100 in parts and was quite complex to build. I've now been using it for several years and think it sounds fantastic.

Good luck.

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vox amplug,i wont recommend it though
get a Peavey vypyr 15w it has a headphone out

I dont think you understood what I meant

I'm wanting an amp for my headphones

Not a guitar amp that you can plug headphones into lol
headroom makes some good headphone amps. the total bithead might work well for you. otherwise there are some neat chinese tube amps like the darkvoice 336i or little dot.
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If your just looking for something to play through headphones and not necessarily an amp, check out Digitech's RP line. I use mine as a headphone amp all the time and I love it. I never use the amp modeling when playing through my Mesa, but through the headphones, the modeling works incredibly well.
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If you can solder, you can build a Ruby or similar amp.
Yes its designed as a guitar headphone amp, but I have made several and plugged CD, MP3 players etc. in to them and it works fine.

Including an enclosure, you can build one for less than $10 - $15.
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