Currently using addictive drums and while I like it I want more especially in the cymbal department. Im torn between buying superior drummer and Steven slate drums. I've heard great things about superiors cymbals and I know as far as drum sounds go it has a more dry sound that takes more tweaking to get a great sound but if u take the time u can get some amazing sounds. I know ssd is more pre mixed and ready to go but im curious about the cymbal samples that come with it. Has anyone got a lot of experience with ssd and can give some input about it because its a little less known then superior. Lastly if anyone is strong for superior over ssd or vice versa I would love to hear there arguments.
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I'm pretty happy with SSD, it's a good program once you get it setup.

I haven't paid much attention to the cymbals, but i do know the snare is always a bit loud for me, gotta bring it down a few DB everytime.
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Either way, if you don't know how to compress cymbals properly, they will not sound natural at all. The better cymbals IMHO come from Superior.
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