Hi I live in China and it is very hard to get dealerships to ship out here without costing the Earth.

I found this on a Chinese site and was unsure if it was fake or not can some one please help judging by the pictures thanks!

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I say this because there are lots of fakes sold in China and I am terrible at identifying fakes.
Looks genuine enough - but I can't really read the writing on that site. If it's at the right price it's probably genuine - most copies are "suspiciously cheap"

you can always ask them - they don't list much china stuff on their site but if you go here and click on "counterfeit guitars" they give contact details - give them a link the to shop and they should be able to verify it or not.
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Pretty much that^.

Forgive my lack of culture but can you give an estimate of that price in US dollars?
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Okay great thanks alot! I checked on Gibson's site aswell as the retailers site and they are authorized by Gibson.

And it's around 400 dollars.
The only reason I was unsure is because I thought Epiphone Dot's had dot inlay's not blocks.
That's fake. They don't make that guitar by Epiphone with those tuners, the orange pickup selector cover, or the block inlays. That site is definitely selling fake guitars.
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Just out of curiosity, who the hell fakes an Epiphone? Rather, why?
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^Because most people don't really think it'd be worth it, so they don't keep their guards up when shopping for an Epi.

"Costing the Earth" I love it!
the fact that its described as a "dot es335" should be a clue as well, epiphone makes a 335 copy, but it isnt labeled as the "dot"
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Epiphone makes a "dot" model. They Also make a "335" model, which is different from the "dot".

Which one ?

The Dot is Epis 'standard' version of the ES 335
The Dot Studio is the 'budget' version
and the Sheraton is the 'more bling' version
I know its strange that an epiphone guitar made in china is more expensive there than it is after being shipped half way around the world. My wife bargained a guy down on a lefty epi LP in a Beijing music store and it was still more money than one here, not that I bought it.

Having shopped in plenty of music stores in several major Chinese cities. Your best bet is to shell out the cash and go to a place like Tom Lee music. Most of the stuff I saw in other places was fake. Half the time they don't even know what they are trying to copy. Ball end strings in fender bullet end packages. I bought a strat in Nanning that was so bad the only thing I kept was the neck to hang bodies with for painting.
the inlays are the only thing putting me off. the dots have dots, casino's have slanted squares.

other than that the lines in the knobs are good, F holes are correctly positioned too, pickguard seems corect.
oh.. my.. GOD. He was using us to see if HIS GUITAR COULD PASS AS A REAL ONE!
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oh.. my.. GOD. He was using us to see if HIS GUITAR COULD PASS AS A REAL ONE!

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dude you live in china and have to ask? my brother lives there and he has yet to have to ask if anything is fake. 9 times out of 10 the answer is yes regardless of what it is.