Wrote this crappy poem about 5 minutes ago... Tell me what ya think, negative criticism is welcome, it would just reinforce my opinion C4C?

Let me take you back
To when it all went wrong
Let's retrace our steps
Rewrite our whole song

You hide your heart
But you cannot disguise
The deep mistrust and hurt
That lurks within your eyes

I say that it's okay
I say it's all just fine
Try to understand
Seek out the hidden sign

You keep it locked away
Inside its prison cell
Iron, steel and stone
As inviting as the gates of hell

You threw the key away
That lonely summer's night
Deprived me of the chance
The chance to set things right

Now we are forgotten
To the shifting sands of time
Ages pass but still I know
My guilt and my crime.

That's for taking the time to read this crap