I might have been the sound quality but I had a hard time understanding the vocals. It might also be because that singer should practice getting some of that Finnish accent out of his singing, which of course is a tough task.
Apart from that it was a pretty good attempt at a country cover of the song. It's not my kind of music but I would say you pulled it off.
Alright people, Move along - there is nothing to see.
"Or so you think..."
Thanks for criticism,
I'll had to say to you same thing I'd sayd at other video that I know I'm not a singer but I try to learn but it's difficult because english isn't my mother language so I didn't learn to remember all those words so I had to read it from the paper while I tried to play ja keep my eyecontrol with the audience. But I promise, I will learn remember those words and then I can focus on singing right.

Recording was taken from our 3th gig so we still have much much to learn.

...and what become to Finnish accent, you know I'm from the promised land of the formula drivers so I can't speak or sing english without I remind little of kimi "iceman" räikkönen
You shook me with our video brilliance arrangement. Your voice really does need practice.
I liked the guitar strumming and the bass guitar! But the singing did not go well with this song. I think better to keep it simple. Leave the fancy covers for the pros.
thanks for a feedback dudes. One of our thing is to try keep those song so simple that every drunk people can catch the song and sing with it
Haha, you guys did great work here too! Ive gotta hear some more of yours acoustic tributes to classic rocksongs.