Hey guys! I have been navigating this forum for a while, but decided to join now to start posting.

First of all, this is a positive review.. I am a happy customer so you won’t find any negative things about this book. Maybe somebody else got something bad to say, but I had a very nice experience. I got this book (Licks for Everyone by Matias Rengel) on March 26 when it just came out; I had been following Matias on YouTube for a while, and I contacted him yesterday and told him about the review, he seemed very happy about it so i decided to post it on some forums.

I have to admit that the cover looked very nice and professional to my eyes; the website was nice, as many other things; but none of that caught my attention as the Price: $4,99 for the book and 10 backing tracks is just really really cheap. I mean, I went to ask my mom if I could use her credit card to buy it (yes, I use my mom’s credit card :P) and when I told her it was 5 bucks she was like “you kiddin me?”. So I went on and bought it.

Once I paid the book, I was taken to a thank-you page where it said I had to wait no further than 6 hours for the eBook to be delivered, because they had some security measures with each book, and it took a little bit. After 30 minutes I got an email with 2 links, one for the eBook and another one for the backing tracks. I downloaded both, but I accidentally clicked cancel over the backing tracks download =( and couldn’t download it again because both were one-time links. So I contacted Matias and he answered me saying that the backing tracks link was going to be restored. 2 mins later I had it working again and downloaded it fine! (Didn’t click cancel this time lol)

The eBook

I think it is well organized. The first page is the cover and then you have the copyright section, the acknowledgement page and the table of contents. The table of contents is fully hyper-linked as it says in the website. You can click on any section of any chapter, and you will be redirected there. If you click on the header that says “Licks for Everyone”, you are taken back to the table of content. All pages and licks are bookmarked so if you want to go let’s say to Lick 14 of chapter 6, you simply click on bookmarks inside acrobat reader, and select the lick and you are taken there. I really liked that; made things easier for me.

Ok, after the table of contents you get the preface and some pages that explain the symbols used in tablature all over the book. Sooo, the licks come up. The chapter’s cover explains the scale you are going to be working on, how it is built, how you can use the licks from the chapter over other backing tracks, and there are also some scales shapes.

The Licks are divided by technique, so you get alternate picking, legato, tapping, slide, sweep picking, bend, hybrid picking and some combined licks which use all techniques. I have to say I am impressed by the quality of the licks, I usually felt that many licks books where a box full of robot stuff you know? But I actually liked these licks, they were melodic and technical; I’m really adding some of them to my playing. So, every lick has its own Play button to hear how it sounds, tab, standard notation, fingering above every tab and picking below all exercises. I am very satisfied with the product. I feel like I have so much to practice now.

Backing Tracks

The backing tracks sound very good to me. All backing tracks are linked to a chapter, so the licks you learn in the book can actually be played over one of the backing tracks, or over any (if you transpose them as specified in each chapter). The tracks are all modal compositions, you have a Dorian Backing Track, a Lydian b7 Backing Track, to name a few. I mean, if you really didn’t like the book, or if you think it is a waste of time to buy a licks book, the backing tracks are soooo worthy. There are so many websites charging you so much for backing tracks. This are 10 tasteful backing tracks and for only 5 bucks, come on, it’s a gift.

Well, in the end, I’m really enjoying my book and wanted to share my experience with you!

You can get the book on http://www.licksforeveryone.com

Hope it's useful.

Any question, just comment.

Joe Bell
Hold on....

First of all you should read MY review here, because it IS accurate, unlike this sales pitch, which unfortunately is not.

And I call BS that you are "adding them to your playing".

I don't know who you really are, but since, I wrote this review, and he has seen it, and been responsive to my suggestions for improvement, I AM now beta testing and helping him with revising this ebook so that it truly IS a teaching tool to others, I intend to find out.

You're leaving a LOT out, which I did cover in my review here. I know this will soon be locked, but...while this may be a hit-n-run review, I happen to know all about this product and submitted my own review. You'll notice I did so 3 days ago. If people are going to see this, I at least want them to have access to the truth about this product as it stands now.



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Quote by joebell
Hey guys! I have been navigating this forum for a while, but decided to join now to start posting.

and you decided your 1st post should be spam?
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Yeah, reviews into the reviews section of the website. This is pretty much an advertisment...

And Sean's review does seem to confirm what I would suspect - little to no teaching.

Nonetheless, $5 for 300 licks and 10 BTs is pretty good.

(until you look at Dave Weiner's lick of the week )