So I traded one of my Strats for this Epiphone Les Paul (Rooster owning a non-fender. I know, right?)

Anyway, what I know about the guitar is this. It's an Epiphone Les Paul Custom with an Antique Ivory binding, gold hardware, and painted in Vintage white. The man at the guitar store said that this was a "70's custom" version of the Les Paul, and that the whole line was discontinued back in 2007.

My paperwork under "model" specifically says: ENC - AIGH3 Ltd. Ed. LP Custom Ant. Ivory Gld Hdwe. My Serial Number is EE070411050.

I'll get pictures up soon for you guys. Oh, and new guitar day, by the way.

It is not, I repeat, NOT a 70's inspired Blackjack. Please don't link me to the Blackjack. I've tried searching already, so now I'm turning to you all.
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Thanks for the info. Some of it helped. I've still yet to find one in this color white online, though. Everything else is in a pure white, this is a very off shade creme.