Alright, i've been saving up my pennies, and i decided i should get another pedal. I have a fender geddy lee, a BOSS overdrive pedal and an orange. so now, im deciding whether i should get the Boss EQ bass pedal, or the MXR Fuzz pedal? which do you guys think i should get?
Depends. What do you want? Fuzz or EQ?
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Quote by Gord@k
Depends. What do you want? Fuzz or EQ?

+1. this guy is good. but honestly are you trying to get a certain sound? does it seem like your bass sounds band because of no eq? can you buy used and get both?
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Does the EHX Graphic Fuzz work with basses too, cause thn you could have both fuzz and an eq.
I'd go with the EQ personally, but thats because it caters more to the sound I want. What sound do you want to achieve?
Quote by thejester
can you buy used and get both?

Seriously, get em both. Mug an old lady for pedal money if you have to.
it realy sounds like your buying a pedal for the sake of anew pedal. Im not judging you I would do the ame if I had money, but you should think about what one suits you more.
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Imho...A bassist must have an "un-limited" band E.Q
Seriously, shaping and sculpting your bass tone is crucial. After all the theory,"tabs",technique etc etc...The only thing that matters is what comes outta that speaker.
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