what should i do with this high action issue-it took about 6 months before my dealer got it sent in from 'mainland canada' and now this! i dont trust anyone around here to fix it and i don't want to send it out for repairs-thinking about selling-i'll lose a little but then i will probably go after a comparable product-what are your thoughts folks??
The high-action is on purpose. It is much easier to lower the action than to raise it.

You've given no real insight as to what you've bought, how much it cost, what you're looking for, or why you're selling. It's very difficult to give you any real thoughts that would be relevant.
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Captivate is exactly right. Many manufacturers ship their instruments with the action "too high" knowing that picky and knowledgeable guitarists will have it adjusted (or do it themselves...) to their liking.
It's a simple job and should be relatively inexpensive... And it will make the instrument vastly easier to play.
some taks actually have a shimmed saddle, and that makes it very easy to lower the action. maybe you could contact takamine and see if this guitar is one of them.
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