I've been looking to get a prs custom 24 for some time now, unfortunately I live in Denmark in which it's virtually impossible to acquire a prs, and even if you do manage to find one they will usually tear up your budget costing between 4-10k $, and right now mine is at 3k $.

So, does anyone here know any good places in Europe where you can get them, or is it simply better to order one from USA? In that case where would be the best place to order one and how much do they cost in the Us?
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I've bought guitars from ebay before, but the ones you listed still cost about 4k $, which is still a little too much for me.

As for thomann, the only custom 24 i was able to find was about 5.3k $.

I have a friend in New york city who will be coming home to denmark this summer and he could easily bring the guitar with him. I just haven't been able to find a dealer where I can choose the right specs and colour.