Im looking online ... browsing a shop here, im looking for those cables... that you use when hooking up pedals to one another, the really short ones lol ... if you know what i mean
Do they have a specific name???

How long do they tend to be? all that i'm getting in the search are cable lengths to choose from and its hard to tell from pictures what would be right...
they're patch cables.
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You can also get "effects pedal couplers":

But honestly, they make me nervous, since when you step on a pedal it moves a bit, which could put some strain on the jacks of both pedals.
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Ooh, I'm sure there's a market for coiled ones right there. 1" of coiled cable could stretch to 2-3" at most - giving you a good margin of error when a pedal gets kicked out. Much better than most of the other ones out there. I'm never gonna make them and market them, but you can have that idea for free.