check out our two newest songs :



we recorded it on a macbook with condenser samson mic and some basic recording software. if you like these leave a comment or crit. if you enjoy it a lot like us on facebook! hahaha
we taught ourselves how to play guitar together about 8 years ago. we play an interesting blend of melodic acoustic with occasional open tunings, with blues/jazz chords and riffs mixed in. we dont know where exactly our music falls under besides "acoustic". so let us know what you think. we would like to hear what YOU think!

our influences range from andy mckee, dallas green, to even various metal bands. we like to write music that listeners can feel the raw emotion behind the melodies.


we have a bunch of other songs and we usually put up a new one every few weeks or so. we have a couple of videos on youtube, listen and subscribe there too!


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuY5WIMq0ug (this one has vocals)

thank you for taking your time to take a listen to our original music! we hope you enjoy it!
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