Hi..How can I play with headphones in this amp? Should I disconnect the speakers and connect the headphones in the same plug?
Line out shouldn't work right?
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EDIT: I am kinda curious though.....my Sennheiser phones are rates at 24 ohms. Since its above the min impedance of just about every amp in existence, wont it work? Ive heard of safe impedance mis matches but I really dunno much about it....can someone clarify?
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You can run the effects-loop-out to a speaker-sim and headphones-amp, either using your computer (recording interface with DA-converter -> computer with: DAW + cab simulator + impulses) or with a hardware speaker-sim with a DI-box and whatever thing that takes line-level input-signals and can be connected to headphones (like a dedicated headphone amp, a small, powered mixer or a stereo with the mentioned in and outputs), or a combination of the two.
Note that there needs to be a load attached to your amp's output at all times or the power-amp's going to get fried.

Sound complicated? Cause it is. If you want to practice with headphones, buy something along the lines of a Line6 POD.
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Or get something like this that can offset below the load from your Output transformer and give you a headphone 'tap' at the same time. This one is only 50w though but maybe worth the investment. Otherwise, get a Peavey Vypyr 60.


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In short, no.

Consider a vox amplug.
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I have a fender mustang I that I can use with headphones, just wanted to know about the big amp to have a better sound withouth annoying my gf sometimes
There's a reason attenuators (with headphone taps or not) cost a couple hundred bucks, mate.

In short, if you have to ask, you're probably not qualified to do it.

Really, there is no cheap and simple way to do this. Get a little modeller with built in speaker-sim and use that for practice. Amps are loud, we just have to deal with that.
Right. Any external amplifier will do. You can plug it, in say your speakers aux in and listen headphones out.

I know, I've tried it. I even did it with a Tiny Terror into a peavy vypyr with the line in ha.
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