alrite guys, Im looking at the laney aor and the peavey windsor, only these two because im watching bids on ebay for both of them rite now. purely hypothetical, but if they stay relatively the same price, which is a more accurate copy of the 800? what are some pros and cons of each? I really wasnt looking for a new amp, but I saw these two while perusing and I feel the need to spend money. Alrite guys, help me out, thanks
edit: Idk if the gh100l is actually an 800 clone, but throw that in there too.
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I love my AOR, it sounds awesome. And I've heard that the Windsor doesn't sound good until it's modded so...
In have the Laney Gh50, read a review on that stated "its like a Jcm800 on sterroids" that sold me, the are a savage amp in my opinion. Can get great classic Acdc and GnR tones if you want. I got it cos I was mad into RATM and wanted a tom Morello and early pumpkins tones. Does both with style

Dont know any thing about the peavey, I am converted to Laney though
Ive heard similar things about the laneys haha. I have played the windsor through a good cab, and i have to say its not bad, but i didnt get to crank it. Im set on the laney now, but i could save a tiny bit on the peavey, so im going to keep getting more opinions. thanks, keep em coming!
I'm just a kickin' and a gougin' in the mud and the blood and the beer.
Jesus just looked up that laney, it even has less controls than the gh50, looks more badass if thats what your into, I kinda prefer not having to fine tune about 50 knobs to get the soundI want though