My father is giving me $300 for a decent wireless set up...


it'll be going with my new Schecter hellraiser C-1 FR and into a fender head on top of a (soon to be rebuilt) 2x12 cab
I have a friend that recently bought the sennheiser freeport for $250
Its not bad.
Several people here like The Line 6 Relay G30. Its about $250 as well.
I have the Line 6 Relay G30 !!! and it is really good and I haven't had any problems with it
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Line 6 Relay G30


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I ordered the Line 6 Relay G50, as i would rather have teh metal casing, more range, etc.

It was $350 at musicians friend(dot)com, so I paid the extra 50... not a bad deal for me.

Thanks alot guys!!!!!
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