So the other day I'm browsing through my local Music-Go-Round, when on the wall I spotted a Fender MIM HSS Deluxe Fat strat with a Seymour Duncan(I'm assuming a Pearly Gates) in the humbucker spot. Not only that, It was in what I'm guessing was originally a white body, but had now aged to a nice yellowish with a black pickguard. Damn was that thing hot. If you don't know what I mean, look up Billy corgans signature strat. Anyway, they were pricing it at $400 and the only thing I could find wrong was the knobs were a little ****ed up, but that's easily fixable. I played it for a while and let me say If I had $400 I would have bought it in a heartbeat. So since It'll probably be long gone by the time I could get that kind of money, does Fender still manufacture any like this? I think I've seen similar ones, but none in this color scheme. Sorry for the wall of text thanks.
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