Last night I asked if $80 was good for this harmony I saw On craigslist, you guys said yes. So, I asked if she could do $50 and she agreed, just bought it, a few cratches and scuffs and screw holes from different strap placements, but over all beautiful.

Sucks I had to get it on the way to school, and I'm out til midnight for school

From a little out of tune playing, I noticed it has a buzz to it, could it be the zero fret? and how do I address that?
Truss rod adjustment, Pencil lead on the nut, Re - string, intonation, a bit of a cleaning?
kk, Luckily I bought this one swearing it would be for open tuning/slide. is there a page on this site for truss rod adjusting, and intonation?
yeah, it's a sticky in the Electric Guitar Forum.

Also, there's also a search function on the forums.
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