hi guys i want to use my pentatonic scale ... in the black album metallica they have a lot of solos using this scale learning this solos ll help me ? and another thing they use a wah wah i don't have one and i can't buy one to >< is that a problem ?
You can still play solos without a wah, it's just an effect. Won't sound the same, but that shouldn't discourage you

hammett uses the pentatonic scale almost exclusively. It's dressed up and flashy-sounding, but it's the pentatonic scale. I'd definitely take a look at some of his work if you're trying to get your pentatonic down.
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although i have a wah pedal , i dont use it always on kirk solos (except enter sandman).
I don't mean to be a jerk or anything, but maybe you should try to focus on one thing at a time?
It seems like you are starting new threads about new techniques and songs all the time, but do you actually focus on one thing at a time and try to get that down before moving on to the next?

A little bit of focus goes a long way. I realise you are excited and want to try to learn everything at once though (everyone is like that at first), but try focusing on a few things at a time
1) Get the basic shapes from a website, ex: Minor shape for all 6 (or more) strings

2) Practice them VERY slowly and bump your speed up

3) When you can comfortably do one shape (120 bpm 16th sounds good), then learn other shapes

4) Go learn your favorite solo

5) Impress the ladies

But in all seriousness, steps 1-3 will take you months of hardcore woodshedding, DONT GIVE UP!

EDIT: 1 hour a day is definitely NOT hardcore woodshedding
: )
You don't need to practice going up at down the pentatonic scale for over an hour a day for three months...

TS - If you really want to learn how to use the pentatonic scale learn the notes that're in it for each key and learn the notes on the fretboard. Using this knowledge you can play the scale anywhere on the fretboard.

Limiting yourself to a position and shape (position 12 in E minor is the most common I think) isn't a good habit to get into. As for the Metallica solos, if you want to learn them practice them slowly to a metronome or Guitar Pro for a while, and eventually you'll get them. While having a challenge is good, don't try to learn solos out of your range (I.E. if you struggle with Enter Sandman don't attempt Fight Fire with Fire).

The Black Album isn't particularly fast or technical anywhere as far as I remember, so that should be a good place to start. Generally I'd recommend learning stuff off TBA/Load/Reload etc... first and then moving onto stuff like MoP, RtL and KeA. I'd leave AJFA for a while if that's on your to play list, since the solos are probably the hardest ones that Kirk plays (Dyer's eve etc).
Forget grinding scales up and down, it's a waste of your time.

If you want to improvise then you need to start listening, listen to your backing and figure out what would sound good over it. The key to improvising is teaching yourself to think musically, because all the technical ability in the world is worthless if, ultimately, you don't know what to do with it.

Listen to some solos, hear how different people have used the notes of that scale to create completely different songs. Learn how the scale sounds and how the different notes function. Use that knowledge to help you create your own stuff, having said that even without any theory knowledge if you simply try and come up with a solo in your head you'll come up with something that's in key and uses the right scale. It's practucally unavoidable if you listen to enough music, because from experience you instinctively know how a guitar solo is "supposed" to sound. You're incredibly familiar with that set of sounds in all their guises, but when your inexperienced the guitar gets in the way sometimes. Your too wrapped up in what you're doing with your hands that you forget the important part.

So put it down for a while and see if you can improvise with your voice, simply sing a solo over a backing. If you come up with something good then you can work it out on your guitar later. You've got to do something to kickstart your brain into working the right way, taking the guitar out of the equation for a little while stops you using it as a crutch and drifting back to mindlessy "playing" on autopilot.
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