i have a peavey vlave king 212 and i don't want to get rid of it because it's portable, and it sounds good for everything other than metal. i've been told that "even though i'm a great player, no one will take me serious because i don't have a half stack"... please, hold your comments LOL. anyways, i just want to get out and play live shows. i don't want to waste my money (have student loan payments) on a shitty half stack just to play with one band. i plan on using my podxt for the live stuff because it's easier. my question is, can i find a solid state power amp like that can fit in a rack or something so i can just have the power amp, and a 4x12 cabinet. any suggestions on which ones to get? i know i could sell the podxt and my valve king and get a decent head but that's not the route i want to go. i'd still have to go out and get a noise suppressor an overdrive pedal etc. everything i got rid of when i got the pod. so what are your thoughts. go buy a crappy crate head, and a cab and use the pod so i can sound decent, or get the power amp save for a sonic maximizer and an eq for the rack? i'm thinking about just buying a 2x12 extension cab to hook up to my valve king. could sound good with 2 open back 12's and 2 closed back 12's.
There are many rack power amps available... solid state or tube.

I just bought and old 1ru 40w Marshall Valvestate power amp to do a similar thing for my FX processor.
i don't care if it's solid state or tube. with the podxt live it doesn't matter really. whatever's cheap, but isn't garbage.
so it would work if i did it? i need more along the lines of 100 watts to keep up with a peavey xxx. i'm going to be playign in a metal/alternative band. well i'm going to audition, i'm just trying not to buy a crappy half stack. i'd rather save and get a mesa or a 5150 later down the road.
Yes, it will work. You just have to spec want you want and shop.

You also need to understand that a 50w solid state power amp is not going to have the same volume as a 50w tube amp.

Does the guy with the XXX crank the hell out of it?
i'm sure he does. i'm going to be playing rhythm, so i don't need to be super loud, but like i said i don't want to shell out the cash for a half stack because i don't know where they're going, or if i'm going to want to stay with them, i'm going to audition soon and i'm bringing my combo. if it works out and then maybe i'll look into a half stack, i'm just looking into more options. honestly, i've been wanting to get a 2 x 12 cab from avatar and use it as an extension cab because i have the option on the valve king. it's my cheapest option... cause i can get a used power amp and a cab for the same price i'm sure... but i still don't think i'll be taken seriously with a combo with an extension cab LOL....
rocktron makes a 100 watt power amp for 250, and then a used cab so i'm looking at 400. same price as the avatar cab i want. same price as a crappy half stack... so i'm wondering what people think. use the extension cab, buy a crappy half stack, or go the power amp route.
QSC makes some really solid power amps. A used QSC1450 can be gotten for around $250 on the low end or $350 on the high end. It puts out 700 watts/channel and even higher bridged for mono.