Parkway Drive
On Broken Wings
For the Fallen Dreams
Miss May I
Born of Osiris
Veil of Maya

I play bass, but I write guitar riffs and have 3-4ish songs ive created on Guitar Pro with drums. Also lyrics created for a couple of the songs. And I have pretty decent gear.

Emmure is my main influence but the other bands I posted is music I also enjoy a lot and take influence from. I also don't mind playing music much like the devil wears prada/a day to remember stuff.

I have 3/5 of a band already, consisting of a guitarist, bassist(me), and a drummer, but I am willing to branch out, and leave them if an opportunity arises with people serious about the music.

However if I had a preference, basically anyone who is looking for a band who enjoys breakdowns and enticing lyrics/screams like Emmure, is what Im looking for.

I live and am willing to commute around the Oshawa/Whitby/Pickering/Ajax area in Ontario Canada.


Msg me if anyone is interested
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Also forgot to mention I have 1 song recorded and have a Mac book with decent Demo recording skills/superior drummer/etc.
I would love to join your band. However, we are too far apart. But fret not. For some day, we shall both find the ones to rock with us.