(I'm new, sorry if i messed up n_n)

I am planing to buy the new Fender Mustang I amp, but it doesn't have a mid knob, which would be a trouble since i use it a lot on my actual amp.
A friend told me that buying a 7 way eq pedal, and just messing with the mids would do the job, but i am not sure.

Halp please?
If you hook it up to a PC and download Fender's "FUSE" software, then you can mess with the mid and fine tune the settings, but of course, you won't get that hands-on feeling.
Thanks, now i know ill buy the amp n_n

But still, if i was playing at school, for example, i wouldnt have a pc around, so if you guys know any other way (including the pedal) to control the mids, please tell me