Alright, so you were right, it isn't really my thing haha the closest thing I listen to that's like this is Steel Panther, who are phenomenal by the way. Anyway, for what it was it works. Pretty straight-forward, I like the riff for the A section, the key change between A and B sections works well too. I wasn't over the moon but the tune just isn't what I go for hahah sorry I'm not more useful.
Cool stuff. I liked the main riff, especially the guitar tone. The vocals are nothing spectacular, but they fit this sort of genre very well (way too much reverb on them, though). The guitar work is very tight throughout the whole song, nice job there. The obligatory solo was cool, a couple of cool licks in there. Production-wise it sounds very professional, if a bit overproduced for my tastes. Overall, it's really good, keep it up!

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The music fits the 80's hair-metal image, which is fine by me. I can't say I'm wild about a few of the super-high pitch vocals, but otherwise, the vocals are pretty good. Instrumentally, everything sounds good, except perhaps the cymbals sound phasey, but that's probably an mp3 issue. I often do the 80's sound myself: please review my music at this link: