Here's the formal details first:

Budget: $500-$700. $750 MAX.
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Location: Southeastern PA, Bucks County
Willing to go used

I'm looking for a new amp for recording, and playing with others. Needs to be loud enough to be heard over a drummer. I mostly play heavier styles, but do need a good amount of versatility (shit cleans would be a deal breaker). Think Protest the Hero and In Flames meet Fall of Troy and Explosions in the Sky. So, metal leaning metalcore with some layered delay on the clean bits.

I would prefer a head and 2X12 cab over a combo. No idea where to start, so give me your suggestions.

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If you prefer a quarter stack then you will probably have to sell the flextone.

A good 2x12 will cost roughly 400usd, then you have 250USD max, left over for an amp.

So, if you wanna keep your flextone, then I suggest saving your money, or getting a combo amp. And at that price, it's hard to say.

Peavey is the leader in decent metal combo amps it seems. The Peavey ultra, if found, is great on a budget when found used, but not sure how well it will cover the super heavy stuff, and not sure about the cleans.

Good luck
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id say save around 400-500$ for a decent cab and 700-1300$ for a decent head. both will prolly have to be bought used too