I'm new to this forum, so I hope I post in the right place now.

Anyway, due summer, I will spend a week or so in Bulgaria - and I intend to (at least) look for a new Classical Guitar (nylon, if you wondered). If I find something I like, I might make a purchase; I'm norwegian myself, so the prices are very different.

Currently, I'm the owner of a Fender in the price range of 350-400 euros. It's a pretty decent guitar, and I've had it for 2-3 years. I bought it cheap (and new) abroad, for half the price the same guitar was worth in Norway. The sound is great, but the playability isn't really the best (although, oft that's a matter of opinion). Thing is though, when I move up the neck and reach the eleventh and twelfth fret, the tone dies a little, and the playability past 12th fret is awful.

So, I look to buy an upgrade. Over the years, I've developed into a relatively advanced player, so my standards have heightened a little. I'm a real newbie when it comes to picking out guitars though, but I've heard that good sound and playability up and around twelfth fret is something you don't get unless you spend a lot of money on it and buy a fantastic guitar. I could probably spend around 1k euros on a guitar if I found what I really looked for, but I find it a protracted search.

TL;DR: how much money would I have to spend to get what I want in a guitar? Seen as I'm going abroad, does anyone have any idea if buying an instrument in Bulgaria is a good idea, and if so, where should I start looking (lol, long-shot, I know).

Thanks in advance! =)
I play a Manuel Rodriquez e Hijos hand made classical guitar. It is great! I spent around 1,000 US dollars for it.