Which do you think looks better, Epiphone Les Paul Special II or Squier Affinity Telecaster?
Well, if this is merely curiosity, I'd have to go with the Telecaster, even though I'm the biggest LP fan, I think that low-end Epiphone just looks kinda dull and soulless.

Although, if this is something to help you consider which guitar to buy/advice to a friend, well I have to say that there's a bit more to it then just picking these two on looks.
They are two very very diferent guitars, and so, if you are thinking of buying one (or whatever) I'd have to say beware, because you better just ask for directions on which to get, based on what type of music do you like, if you've ever tried any of them, and so how comfortable you feel with each of them, etc.
The Telecaster. Especially the Affinity Special Edition.

The LP Special II looks like poop. An LP needs to be an archtop, have four knobs and have body binding, otherwise, it's just ugly.
Actually, I go by Dave, but there are already too many Daves on this forum.

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This is purely because I have issues with Fender styling in general, and am a big fan of the Gibson look over them, but I'd go for the Les Paul Special.

Aesthetically I always felt the Tele scratchplate intersected the guitar body and made it feel blockier than it actually is. Even though it's fairly squared as it is. The Les Paul shape is curvier - and all things look better with more curves - Guitars, Cars, Women, Food (?!) erm, other stuff...