Right away, this kind of tried to kick my ass. The lack of power behind the blast beats made that effort abortive at best.

The melodies are good, if a little generic sounding (same goes for the riffs). I've heard so many major third harmonies that they all sound the same to me, but the vibe was right for a thrashy power metal song.

The recording quality was really good. Aside from the cymbals lacking power, it was interesting. The panning during the solo is to be commended especially - that took me completely by surprise (in a good way). The diminished bit at the end was a nice change and made the chord resolution work.

Final say: generic most of the way through, but well executed.

Quote by aaron aardvark
The Raven,
Guitar playing is tight! I like the guitar riffs, but I think it could use vocals. It would be fine with singing. Drums are good. If there is electric bass, I can't clearly hear it. Otherwise, audio quality is pretty good. Good melodies! Please review my music at this link:


I agree man, I'm still looking for a vocalist but I'm holding out for a great singer. The drums were done with EZDrummer, decent but not perfect and bass was recorded with a Bass Emulator on my Pod X3. It's just a demo kinda thing for now but I appreciate the crits guys!
Awesome playing. Really like your use of riffs. The solo was sick, but sounded a little low (especially in the beginning). And as Semus said, turn those cymbals up! Would sound better that way. I would play around with those long rhythms more as they seem too repetitive to me. Other than that, this is great.

Crit for crit?