Hey there, I'm just getting back into the strumming game after a while (okay about eight years of barely looking at anything with strings) and need some assistance with an amp and perchance a wee upgrade.

What I've got -

My old trusty '90s Vester "Custom Shop" 1500 (it's a nice PRS copy - one of the best guitars that got the Vester name - Wilkinson floating trem, twin hums, almost-there PRS feel with a touch of Strat colour to the overall tone)

Korg AX3000G - just wanted a quick and inexpensive way to start getting a variety of sounds out of the guitar - I had a PX2 about when I stopped really playing, so knew that KORG were passable on that front.

and that's about my lot.

Primarily I'm wanting an amp to run the Korg through for home practice - not really wanting anything in the high wattage, and don't have any need (okay, I know everyone "needs" them) for a tube amp with glorious sweet sounds as I'm pretty sure I can cope with the Korgs Digital representation of that. With that, that's where I'm kinda stuck - so many 10-15w practice amps offer all the sexy overdrives and amp modelling I've already got, and as I'm also in the market for a new bass as well (I started out on the old thumb warrior) I was thinking I would plump for a practice bass amp. My thinking is that most smaller bass amps will cope well with the midrange rhythm of a guitar, but, as my last bass amp was a 150w 15" monster, will they retain the tonal balance of my higher end squeals? My mind says an 8-10" speaker is ideal, but I'm thinking whether the bass-biased amp would colour the tone at all.

Anyway, think £100 for that in the Glasgow area.

Also, was looking for a better guitar. I love the vester, but it was never meant to be my mainstay. Had a look at the new CT series Hofner Club, and might be the boy, but generally I'm looking for a shorter scale for those bluesy bends (it's a 25") and a stop bridge cos I could never stand the floating trem - too much hassle and I never use it. (still gonna block that off one of these days.)

I've got about £250 for that. (I expect a bog-standard un-named 15w bass amp to be £20-30, which will give me more rope to hang the guitar on.)

Anyways - that's me. I suppose I'd better tell you what I'm playing, eh? Well, I'm tending to go for guitar-pop/new wave/blues-rock type stuff these days (I'm a bit to over 30 to be doing punk). Anything from Beatles, Talking Heads, Joe Walsh, QOTSA, Creedance and on and on.

Cheers in advance!

kidding, I read most of it.

I can't really help with the guitar question so I'll leave that alone. I'm a little confused on your various budgets for all of these components. I'd take the guitar question to the Electronic Guitar forum. I'd take the Bass amp question to the Bass Guitar forum (i know i know). Also, it seems that your budgets for these things is kind of small. Maybe focus on upgrading one thing at a time instead of all of them at once. Are you saying you want a Bass amp with a 8 or 10" speaker? Why?

Also, I know you don't want to hear this but get rid of the Korg MFX. I know they are nice but they cannot create the harmonics and overtones that are necessary for good rock, blues, pop and even punk. Trust me, I used to do the same thing. Conversely, I'm not sure what to recommend within your budget. How much is a Bugera V22? Is that available to you? What about Laney?

Anyway, welcome to GGnA and congrats for getting back into guitar
Cheers. I did think about posting it in the Bass forum, but since it was primarily for guitar purposes I figured someone would have similar thoughts or tried the same.

My budget for the Amp I figured at £100 (approx $150) would enable me to pick up a new Fender Rumble 15 with change round these parts - so that'd be hittin the higher end of the "practice amp" genre. I was looking at the Orange Crush range when I figured I may as well plump for the Korg. I'm doing a lot of varied styles just now, and find the amp modelling easier and more affordable than having 2-3 heads and cabs. If anything it'll help me find "My sound" again (it used to be a Marshall Shredmaster though a Trace Guitarworks combo) so I don't spend £2000 on stuff I don't need.

Not looking for anything spectactular for the money, but I don't have a full wallet and am very much of the "I'll buy a Gibson and a Marshall when I've made enough from playing" mind.

So yeah, is a bass amp the way to go to hear what I'm getting through the headphones, or am I better with an Orange/Fender/whatever guitar practice amp? Or even a no-brand cheapyamp and spend the rest on guitar?

Very much practice and monitoring - I'm getting my finger callouses back, but I've got about another 6 months before I would even think about going live again...
This is the gear forum true, but for Bass amp related questions you are better served in the Bass Guitar forum.

I would stay away from the Orange Crush. If you are set on the Korg, then you want as clean of an amp as possible and maybe even a Keyboard amp. If the Rumble has a clean channel then that would work. Also, my opinion is that you won't find 'Your Sound' with a MFX pedal. They are great for experimenting with different tones/effects though. Like I said I ran with one for a while and I don't regret it.

Gibson and Marshall are not the be all end all gear people think they are. There are much better products out there. <flameshield>

I don't support no-brand cheapyamps. The amp is more important to me than the guitar believe it or not. That is not everyone's opinion just mine. The budget for amp/guitar imo should be more like 50/50.

Good luck with getting back into it and working with whatever you end up with.