Hey guys,

I am currently building up an interest in record companies and producing and recently watched 'Tom Dowd: the language of music'. It's about Dowd and his life from when he first started and what he acomplished with his company (Atlantic Records). It was very inspiring to see how he worked in the studio. It had loads of interviews with people he had worked with (Clapton, Allman, Ray Charles). I found it really interesting and wondered if there are any other doc's like this.... Help anyone?

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I saw language of music when it first came out, thought it was wonderful and dreamed of being in the engineering world myself.

This is the only documentary I know of, all others that are related focus on music groups/genres and don't specify recording techniques. It is a very teacher-student oriented training system, less of video learning.
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@SLonergan: Thanks for the info, was not aware of that.

@DangerPat 00: That's a shame, as I was really hoping for others like this. I am also enjoying the 'Classic Albums' series, though it's completely different. I guess it's just the studio that fascinates me
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